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About Lubono Capital

Property Investing and Asset Management Company

With a growing record of profitable returns on a wide selection of real estate investments, David Grabiner, owner and operator of Lubono Capital, has been active in various real estate markets in the Southeastern United States for several years specializing in acquisition, disposition and management of multifamily residential and commercial assets. Lubono makes your money work for you by creating and maintaining a consistent and profitable cash flow. Whether you want to buy, sell, or earn passive income in between, contact Lubono Capital, Tennessee’s premiere multifamily and commercial real estate asset management company.

Multi-family Investing with Integrity

Whether you are acquiring, maintaining, or selling multifamily or commercial assets, work with an asset management company that puts integrity at the forefront so that you can rest assured that your investments are in good hands. Realizing that customer service on both ends of the spectrum and at every point in between is essential when dealing with asset management, Lubono thrives on creating win-win situations for real estate buyers and sellers alike. By being selective when accepting new clientele, David handles each investment with a personal touch creating an investment and management plan to suit your individual needs and making certain that every client’s real estate portfolio is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Commercial Investing with Experience

David’s skill for locating and negotiating profitable deals, quick thinking, and talent for creative problem-solving has given Lubono Capital a solid and dependable reputation in the real estate industry and in the community, a reputation that gives Lubono the inside scoop on exciting large scale real estate opportunities for institutional investors sometimes before properties even hit the market. Beginning with a simple quadplex, David has grown Lubono Capital, LLC, to a thriving company with a toehold in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, commercial real estate market that is continually growing each year.

Asset Management with Lubono

Lubono is a Zambian word meaning wealth. Investing with Lubono is investing in wealth in every sense of the word: profitability, community, and family. When you do business with Lubono Capital, you are investing with an asset management company whose goal is not only to increase your revenue, but also to uplift the community with well-kept commercial and multifamily residential rental properties resulting in renters that are well taken care of by responsive management that protects your property value as well as gives your investment an edge over the competition.

You can expect more from your investment with Lubono Capital than a profitable return: expect integrity, expect experience, and see how your investments can make a difference in the community.

Lubono Beginnings: David’s Journey into Real Estate

Growing up in Zambia, David was raised in a missionary family. He got to know the Chattanooga area during college when his part time job helped him get a feel for property locations in the area. However, it wasn’t until after returning to Africa, becoming a family man, and working as a hospital administrator in the Democratic Republic of Congo that David launched his first foray into property investment in Chattanooga, TN.

The investment proved very profitable, and he expanded from there acquiring 24 units within 3 years. After seeing the gain on his personal investments, David moved his family to the Chattanooga area and made multi-family and commercial real estate and asset management his full time job. Since then, Lubono Capital has expanded to include over 200 multifamily units and 4 commercial properties.

Due to his success, David was interviewed on the Bigger Pockets Podcast to give a professional perspective on how to thrive in today’s multifamily and commercial real estate market, and his Instagram page @diy_landlord has gained over 8K followers while documenting the obstacles and benefits to asset management.

Your next opportunity in real estate is right here. Contact David at Lubono Capital, LLC., to find out how you could multiply your wealth and thrive without lifting a finger. Investing with Lubono Capital is one opportunity you can’t afford to miss.